About Us

Glut Mall is an e-Commerce company trading in the e-commerce buying and selling concept via a revolutionary ideology, Launched in 13 Jan. 2021, Headquarters and registered office of Glut Mall is at No. 54 Duncan St, The Angel, London N1 8BW, United Kingdom, Glut Mall deal on physical products you can see, touch and use for numerous health benefits, As a shop owner in Glut Mall, When you purchase in bulk from Glut Mall the company will sell your product in retail and gives you back your capital with profit of 15% every 14days according to your trading amount, including other amazing bonuses. Glut Mall is an emerging giant in the network marketing industry, No compulsory referral -meaning you can register and earn 30% of your total trading capital every month, till infinity, without referring anyone. Plus free quantum product at the end of the month.  High quantum energy product lines…. …Quantum is the future health energy product. World-class quantum products are given for your registration. No monthly authorship, not an a pyramid or get rich quick scheme. Earn extra dollar instantly for all free will referral, Life time membership for residual income for all free will referral, Live your dream life!!, Free international trips, Car awards and company sales shares for great achievers, Direct & indirect free -will referal bonuses, Enjoy financial peace of mind.


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Our story

*1.* Time Freedom
*2.* Financial Stability, Power of Leverage
*3.* A business that gives residual income
*5.* No bills to pay, no utility bills
*6.* Can be operated from mobile phones,computers/laptops n any location like home, car etc
*7.* Sustainable Secure System
*8.* One time registration payment
*9.* No logistics is needed, just your mouth n mobile phone
*10.* Has produced the highest number of millionaires worldwide
*11.* No Educational qualification needed

*12.* Leveraging on your team effort
*13.* Helping others succeed
*14.* Creation of Adaptive economy, Independent of nations economy
*15.* No gender or age bias
*16.* Early Retirement
*17.* Fancy vacations and Amazing lifestyle
*18.* Synergy creation among new people
*19.* Leaving a legacy for your children and your next generation.
*20.* No autoship or monthly commitment.
*21.* You only buy the products n the company sells it on ur behalf.