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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Glut Mall is an e-Commerce company trading in the e-commerce buying and selling concept via a revolutionary ideology, Headquarters and registered office of Glut Mall is at No. 54 Duncan St, The Angel, London N1 8BW, United Kingdom, Glut Mall deal on physical products you can see, touch and use for numerous health benefits, As a shop owner in Glut Mall, When you purchase in bulk from Glut Mall the company will sell your product in retail and gives you back your capital with profit of 15% every 14 days according to your trading amount, including other amazing bonuses. Glut Mall is an emerging giant in the network marketing industry, No compulsory referral -meaning you can register and earn 30% of your total trading capital every month, till infinity, without referring anyone. Plus free quantum product at the end of the month.

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Registering as a Glut Mall Shop Owner is a very simple thing, All you have to do is to purchase a registration E-pin from www.glutmall.com, Complete the registration form in which you will enter your purchased E-pin and click the Register button, visit your email to activate your account.
To own a shop in Glut Mall, You will register with E-Pin (Promo price is $14) this Promo Ends on 20th feb. 2021, Once the promo ends it shal continue with original price is $67, Every registration is on flat plan, No VIP, as a shop owner you can trade as much as you want depending on your Trading Capital, more products more profits, Every activated trade elapses in 14 days and the trader makes profit and withdraw. Click here to purchase Shop registration E-Pin
In Glut Mall you can trade manually, by which you select your preferred trading products and place them on sell, it will take 14 days to be sold in total and you make withdrawal, You can also trade automatically by which you enter amount and click proceed it also will take 14 days to be sold in total and you make withdrawal,
Yes Glut Mall platform is available to both individuals and cooperate organization.
In Glut Mall, multiple accounts are not allowed for the purpose of proper investment management and prevention of fraud, but you can have multiple active investment running simultaneously.
Yes we have Team Leaders in United Kingdom and in some other countries, and any one can apply for  Team Leader account once you qualify to be a Team Leader GLUT MALL MANAGEMENT will not consider you to be a Team Leader without 30 members in your Downlines network diagram . You must must complete the KYC in your account profile and wait for GLUT MALL to verify your identity. As a Team Leader , You must pay $780 for the new Team Leader Status. The payment for new TL will not be refundable. This is because the benefits of a Team Leader is vast. You must be prepared to educate, manage and lead your team and all GLUT MALL members successfully without depending on the company’s resources. You must prepare to hold training, seminars, events and adverts to educate all prospects, new leads and existing members. This you could do either at your office premises, online or in the rented public halls. As TL, you must be able to serve all GLUT MALL members, whether they are under your downlines or not. You are required to serve all equally, fairly and openly, without discrimination. You must be ready to cultivate and instil the culture of GLUT MALL into all leaders and members within your team. This is to help everyone become BETTER, IMPROVE THEIR LIFESTYLE and achieve Financial Freedom together Further Conditions To Qualify For An TL You must creat a ticket, Requesting an upgrade to Team Leader account and It is not mandatory for whomever to apply for Team Leader To be entitled to the monthly Team Leader profits, your monthly minimum aggregate registration E-pin sales must be at least $250 Anything short of $250 for 3-6 consecutive months will result in TL withdrawal/closure/termination due to idleness, inactivity and lethargy. The company shall impose strict action promptly with an official communication to all members and leaders. The final rights belong to THE GLUT MALL MANAGEMENT. The Team Leaders that have applied to withdraw their TL status will never be considered for Team Leadership in future. Likewise, those that have their TL status withdrawn/closed/terminated due to idleness, inactivity and lethargy. The opportunity will be given to others, members or leaders, who are more capable, helpful and passionate in the business. Important Warning: Any Team Leader who allegedly get involved with other network marketing businesses, with evidence and proofs, will be terminated immediately. This will be without prior notice and we do not accept APPEAL. There will not be reactivation of their Service Centre status. The final rights and decision belong to GLUT MALL MANAGEMENT. Learn to do the right thing and do it well.
Your trading capital is measuring the percentage of your trade, you can calculate the percentage of your trade by the amout you trade with, Trading with the min. such as $100.00 up to $200,000.00, comes with 7.00% total interest. Trading from $ 200,001.00 up to $ 500,000.00, comes with 8.00% total interest. Trading from any amount greater than $ 500,000.00, comes with 9.00% total interest. Every trade ends in 14 days, You can withdrawal your capital plus interest , you can also have multiple active trade running simultaneously if you wish to.
Your withdrawal is via Bank transfer or or Bitcoin wallet.


👉 You spend less than 2 minutes in every trade, it's so simple 👉 You make profits every 14 days 👉 You are your own boss, you control your business as a partner. 👉 You can withdraw your Trading Capita 👉 You can withdraw profit through Bank Transfer, or Bitcoin Wallet 👉 No skill required 👉 You will get quantum products to use every time you trade 👉 If you wish to, You can make additional income when you refer people, 100% optional.

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